Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

Pneumatic Pipe Plugs Conform to Any Pipe Configuration

Pneumatic Pipe PlugsBuy pipe plugs from our wide range of pneumatic pipe plugs, non-pressure plugs, inflatable pressure plugs and mechanical pressure plugs today and rest assured of the best service and quality.

The rugged, durable pneumatic pipe plugs are available in a range of sizes, pressure ratings and configurations to meet your requirements.

Test-Ball – Cherne’s Original Pneumatic Pipe Plug

Test-Ball® seals pipes of most shapes and sizes. Durable and corrosion resistant, Test-Ball® allows for more flexibility than mechanical plugs, as it seals all types of sewer pipes.

Test-Ball® is made from natural rubber to ensure corrosion resistance and durability. It can be used as a back plug in sewer air testing, or to block the flow of a sewer.

The Test-Ball® pneumatic pipe plug is designed with a rupture disc that activates when it reaches 60% over the required inflation pressure to prevent over-inflation. This safety feature safeguards the user while protecting the plug from damage.

Pillow-Type Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

Inflatable pillow pipe plugs are used for blocking sewer flow when spills occur. Lightweight pillow plugs are made from heavy-duty elastic urethane, which makes them flexible enough to fit into small-diameter openings. The materials used in manufacturing pillow pipe plugs are petroleum – and chemical resistant.

Pillow-style pneumatic pipe plugs work in all pipe types, including iron and ductile sizes, and can be tethered using the attached tether bars. These pipe plugs are also equipped with 30′ inflation hoses, gauges and read-back lines.

Pneumatic pipe plugs are the best choice, as they generally conform to most pipe configuration. Inflatable plugs are ideal for creating the perfect seal for testing a wide range of pipe configurations.

A small, deflated pneumatic pipe plug can be inflated to fit into a large pipe, which means your pipe plug can fit into a smaller diameter pipe too. Minimal inflation (air water or inert gas) will expand the plug to its full diameter, allowing you to seal and lock the plug in place.

Pneumatic Pipe Plug Accessories

From single size small sealing plugs with or without by-pass to multi-size inflatable test plugs with or without by-pass, to high pressure inflatable plugs, pillow shaped maxi plugs to rupture discs, protective sleeves and Cherne’s Test-Ball, we also offer a wide range of pneumatic pipe plug accessories.

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