Pipe Plugs: Suppliers and Manufacturers of Pipe Products

We supply pipe plugs for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Manufacturing Plans, and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

Pipe PlugsHere at Buy Pipe Plugs, our mission is to provide our customers with service and solutions that conform to the most stringent of industry standards, while continuously working on quality improvement to meet customer, regulatory and legal requirements. Our pipe plugs feature superior craftsmanship.

Pipe Plugs & Plugging Products

Pipe plugs close off the ends of pipes Similar to a cap, there is a slight difference in that a pipe plug typically fits inside the pipe. Threaded iron pipe plumbing systems will use pipes with male threads.

We supply a great variety of pipe plugs, including:

  • mechanical pipe plug
  • pneumatic disk pipe plug
  • single size pneumatic a-rubber pipe plug
  • multi-size flow-through pipe plug
  • high pressure pipe plug

Our large inventory of pipe plugs and accessories range from 2 inches (51 mm) in diameter to 60 inches (1, 524 mm) in diameter. Available for a variety of applications, we have pipe plugs to suit your needs, including:

  • Nitrile rubber for petroleum use
  • Natural rubber for natural gas
  • Butyl rubber for heats of up to 300°F
  • EPDM rubber for heats of up to 350°F

Custom Pipe Plugs

We believe in meeting our clients’ needs. No matter what your configuration, we are happy to meet your requirements in terms of types, sizes and quantities of pipe plugs.

If you need a special configuration pipe plug, we can design and manufacture it for you. No matter what your pipe plugs needs, our courteous, professional staff will be happy to respond to your queries and assist with your order. Call us to Buy Pipe Plugs at 888-444-8214.