THE LANSAS SINGLE BLADDER JOINT TESTERS are available for testing up to 100 PSI. They are designed to fit pipe sizes ranging from 24″ – 120″. Lansashas manufactured joint testers to 21 feet in diameter and for pressures in excess of 200 PSI. Each Lansas joint tester is equipped with adjustable wheels that allow for easy transportation through the pipeline. A test panel is included.

THE LANSAS TEST PANEL is designed to be used with air and/or water. There are no additional components that are needed. Lansas joint testers can be used to test virtually any type of pipe material including concrete, ductile iron, polyethylene, PVC, steel, as well as concrete pipes with plastic liners.

Single BladderSingle Bladder

Single Bladder

All LANSAS® Joint Testers are sold with a Test Control Panel and 50′ Triple Hose