Joint Tester - Double BladderTHE LANSAS DOUBLE BLADDER (DB) design provides up to 9 inches of usage range allowing for the testing of deflected (up to 5%) fiberglass and plastic pipe.

  • Fabric reinforced bladder makes the Lansas® DB joint tester more durable and longer lasting than comparable double bladder joint testers.
  • Capable of testing with air or water as the media.
  • Capable of testing up to 20 PSI.
  • Replacement bladders are available and are field replaceable.
  • Heavy duty adjustable wheels give the LANSAS® DB joint tester a smooth ride in the pipe.
  • The large testing void allows the joint tester to test the porosity of the pipe before the actual joint test. No failing tests because you are not accounting for the porosity of the pipe.

Joint Tester - Double Bladder

All LANSAS Joint Testers are sold with a Test Control Panel and 50′ Triple Hose
Low Pressure Joint Testers are also avaliable with an aluminum frame.