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 Test ball plugs – also known as pneumatic pipe plugs – are an integral part of any sewer air testing procedure. Available in many sizes to suit different diameter pipes, test ball plugs can be used to block sewer pipes.

A multisize test plug means that you don’t have to buy multiple pipe plugs. If you’d like to tether a hose line, choose a test ball plug with eye bolts.

Having stood the test of time for five decades, the Test-Ball has proven itself to be the industry’s most trusted pneumatic test ball.Test Ball plugs are durable, rugged and effective in any type of pipe.

All test balls are bendable to 90°, are available in a wide range of sizes and offer superior durability when used to block residential DWV systems for maintenance or repairs, or for pressure testing

The Muni Plug or Muni Ball is suitable for municipal application. It comes with inflation valves to enable full bypass for municipal monitoring and testing. Larger Muni Plugs are equipped with patented field repairable rupture disc technology.

Rupture Disc Technology helps prevent over-inflation of the pneumatic pipe plug. It also helps to protect cording. When cording is damaged, it can compromise the performance of your test ball plug.

Amaron Industries is your number one provider for tunnel solutions and pipe pigging products. We distribute a variety of standard pipeline products including pipe test ball plugs in all shapes and sizes.

Although our pipeline pigging products can be used in a variety of applications, we highly recommend that you solicit the best advice for your application from the pipeline professionals at Amaron Industries. Amaron Industries prides itself on providing fast, friendly, and reliable advice and customer service.

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