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Similar to a cap, pipe plugs close off the ends of a pipe, with the slight variance that the pipe plug fits inside the pipe. Threaded iron pipe plumbing systems use pipes with male threads.

Buy pipe plugs online with the Buy Pipe Plugs range of pipe plugs. Whether you want to buy pipe plugs of 2 inches (51mm) or 60 inches (1,524 mm), we have it available for you. The range includes:

  • mechanical pipe plugs
  • pneumatic disk pipe plugs
  • single size pneumatic a-rubber pipe plugs
  • multi-size flow-through pipe plugs
  • high pressure pipe plugs
  • nitrile rubber for petroleum use
  • natural rubber for natural gas
  • butyl rubber for heats of up to 300°F
  • EPDM rubber for heats of up to 350°F

Featured Product: Buy Test Ball Pipe Plugs Online

buy pipe plugsTEST-BALL® is the most trusted pneumatic test ball plug in the industry, designed especially for repair, maintenance and installation work, blocking off residential DWV systems and pressure testing.

Multisize test ball pipe plugs offer more options and feature patented field repairable rupture disc technology, which prevents over inflation and damage to the cording. The standard test ball pipe plugs are equipped with a 1/4″ Schrader tire valve, while large plugs feature a removable valve that allows for quick repair and replacement. Flexibility is a key feature of the test ball plug, as all Test Balls are bendable to 90°.

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