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Pipe Plug and Sealing SolutionsAmaron Industries is your number one provider for pipeline and tunnel solutions and products. We distribute a variety of standard pipeline products including pipe plugs in all shapes and sizes.

Choose Amaron Industries for all your test plugs, pipe stoppers and pipe plugs for all types of applications.

Our most popular products include:

Test Ball: Having stood the test of time for five decades, the Test-Ball has proven itself to be the industry's most trusted pneumatic test ball. Available in various sizes, all test balls are bendable to 90°, and offer superior durability when used to block residential DWV systems for maintenance or repairs, or for pressure testing. Buy Test-Ball pipe plugs

Muni Plug: Another time-proven pipe plug, the Muni-Ball plug offers a full bypass that allows for municipal system testing and monitoring, and comes with inflation valves, while the larger plugs feature patented field repairable rupture disc technology. Buy Muni-Ball  pipe plugs

Clean-Seal®: Ideal for testing vent, waste and drain systems, the plug threads into a standard test tee, and the bladder is inflated before water is introduced into the line. Once the testing is completed, the bladder is deflated and the water travels down the pipe to eliminate backsplashing of test water. Buy Clean-Seal pipe plugs

Although the products can be used in a variety of pipe types, we recommend that you solicit the best advice for your application from the professionals at Amaron Industries. When you buy pipe plugs online from Amaron Industries, you can rely on fast, friendly and reliable service. Click on any product to shop now, or contact us for more information.

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Test-Ball ¾”h – 96” Series

Muni-Ball 1 ½" – 96” Series

Pressure Charts Series

Remo® Series

Jet-Ball Series

Long Test-Ball® & MS2® Test-Ball® Series

Clean-Seal® Series

Pillow Plugs Test Ball Series